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THROWBACK November 2013

I remember when I watched the last Black Girl’s Rock Show and community activist Ameena Matthews from Chicago was honored. She is the daughter of an ex-gang leader and works with an organization called CeaseFire/The Violence Interrupters. This women goes out on the streets of Chicago (KILLINOIS) to resolve gang relations. There are so many organizations out their just like this that we can ALL become a part of. If you listen to her words, the scale you involve yourself on does not have to be large. What we need to realize is that maybe what each of us does may not reach the masses, but we can touch someone that can reach the masses. I think it’s about showing our unity. We have so little unity and because we lack that unity, our efforts are disregarded. All those march’s and protests after the death of Tray’von were so useless because we unify in tragedy with no focus. That’s how they know they can attach us, because they know we are not unified. They fear us, because they know with direction, determination and unity, we can make things happen. But we don’t exercise our own strength. I made a personal stance that after the Tray’von Martin murder, I would never go to Florida again. Our men and boys are gunned down so much, that I’m thinking, damn, how can I boycott every single city? My heart hurts for our black men because they have targets on them. i don’t have sons, but I have a Godson, and I want sons, but how selfish of me to bring a son into this world when I am not willing to sacrifice a little time and effort to save someone else’s son, we haven’t had that type of community in a VERYYYYYYYYYYYY long time. You remember when our parents used to talk about how if they got in trouble, they would have at least 3 people give them a beating for the same offense before they got home. I know this sounds drastic, random and a little cray, but I had this idea for restoring our foundation, our families and reconnect with ourselves. It’s like we need to recharge and reconnect to ourselves. I really think about solutions for restoring our families all the time. We are disconnected to the value of each other’s lives, children no longer value their reputations or life in general. I really believe that African-Americans should marry Africans. We need to have arranged marriages in which African men & African-American women & African-American men & African women procreate. I really believe that something drastic has to happen for our families to be restored. It’s the beginning and the end of our downfall and disconnected unity. Divide & Conquer.

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