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My thoughts are amplified.  I move spiritually in the pursuit of freedom, I live and give joy, I am a warrior with a generous heart, and I am anointed with God’s Grace and Power to create.

I am a traveling writer.  I travel all over the world finding unique stories and meeting interesting people and telling their stories.  I am a glamourous explorer, I thrift to encourage others to appreciate the wisdom of our past.  I take young people from underserved areas around the world with me and encourage them to write about their experiences. 


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Go Werq

Going to work can be so tedious, so discouraging, so “No BOB I did not finish the report that you gave me 60 seconds ago!”  That's why, we have to reinvent what we do when we work.  I am so grateful for the ability to go to work but I'm so compelled to get out in the world and really WERQ !  What is Werq?  It's that gift that you breath life into with little to no effort and then when you add effort, OMG You WERQ ! The women profiled in this section, really WERQ !