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My thoughts are amplified.  I move spiritually in the pursuit of freedom, I live and give joy, I am a warrior with a generous heart, and I am anointed with God’s Grace and Power to create.

I am a traveling writer.  I travel all over the world finding unique stories and meeting interesting people and telling their stories.  I am a glamourous explorer, I thrift to encourage others to appreciate the wisdom of our past.  I take young people from underserved areas around the world with me and encourage them to write about their experiences. 


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Go Werq

Going to work can be so tedius, so kjdflkdfj, so kjfdlkfjsdlkfs.  That's why, we have to reinvent what we do when we go to work.  Grateful for the ability to go to work but kjdlfksdj for the ability to WERQ