Go Travel  & Vinyasa 

Adventure, can be so hard.  Your palms get sweaty, your pupils dilate, your throat gets dry ... Some wicked person shoves you and instantly you are on stage, belting out the song you've practiced for the 10,000 hours that the experts suggested to make you an expert.  Traveling through your own fears is a way in which one can travel without the means (loot) or the stamps (passport).  So go, travel, be adventurous and take your fears with you. 

Vinyasa is a method of yoga in which movements form a flowing sequence in coordination with the breath. I invite you to allow the moments of life to form a flowing sequence in coordination with joy.   It’s its own adventure. 

About Me

My thoughts are amplified.  I move spiritually in the pursuit of freedom, I live and give joy, I am a warrior with a generous heart, and I am anointed with God’s Grace and Power to create.

I am a traveling writer.  I travel all over the world finding unique stories and meeting interesting people and telling their stories.  I am a glamourous explorer, I thrift to encourage others to appreciate the wisdom of our past.  I take young people from underserved areas around the world with me and encourage them to write about their experiences. 


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