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If you are what you eat, where’s the inspiration in being a hot dog?  What an honor and privilege to have choices in what we introduce to our body.  Feed your soul when you eat, be grateful for it's colors, aromas and nourishing properties.  Let’s be what we eat;  A beautiful, plump, fiber-rich seedy pomegranate !!

Posts Are Coming Soon
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Posts Are Coming Soon
Stay tuned...
About Me

My thoughts are amplified.  I move spiritually in the pursuit of freedom, I live and give joy, I am a warrior with a generous heart, and I am anointed with God’s Grace and Power to create.

I am a traveling writer.  I travel all over the world finding unique stories and meeting interesting people and telling their stories.  I am a glamourous explorer, I thrift to encourage others to appreciate the wisdom of our past.  I take young people from underserved areas around the world with me and encourage them to write about their experiences. 


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