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Self-Love 102: Zoom w/Lea LaRae

Horizons that I've never seen

I needed to dry off in the desert after passing through Seattle, and for the earth sign in me, the visual splendor of Albuquerque, New Mexico was the perfect choice. I commissioned Lea LaRae, a woman with as expansive of a vision as the desert that surrounds her hometown. Her journey of self love has taken her across the country from the Sandia Mountains, which she describes as “beautifully designed Petroglyphs, telling the stories of Native Americans, and my favorite place to hike and be with nature,” to D.C. to Maryland to Virginia to Los Angeles and back. She’s shared her love through teaching wellness classes, helping woman feel beautiful in their own skin and comradery through the airways as the host of the AfroSensual Podcast,* a journey through womanhood.

Where everybody can be what they wanna be

Although she names patience as one of her greatest challenges, “I have so many ideas, and i'm so passionate about them all I want to accomplish everything today!” I have witnessed Lea’s ability to coexist with progress and patience, an excellent act of self-love. She has confessed to having 10 full notebooks of ideas. Thank God I didn’t see them on my trip to Albuquerque. I imagined the experience to be quite unpleasant (this is me, living in my truth). I’m a guest at her home and mistake the closet door for the bathroom door and open the door to everything from skis to old prom dresses falling on top of me. Or in Lea’s case, vinyl binders and Zora Neale Hurston (her favorite historical person’s) books.

Whoa, I like to greet the sun each mornin'

She debuted Afrosensual in December 2019 and is currently gearing up to launch a holistic wellness website on March 5. “I've created this website with the modern black woman in mind. I hope to educate and inspire women of color to cultivate a life of wellness, fulfillment, and more joy.” Self-love displayed in the ultimate act of selflessness as she shares her knowledge and experiences to expand others. Lea LeRae does just that every week with AfroSensual, with topics about confidence, entrepreneurship, relationships, setting boundaries, friendship and self-love.**

And walk amongst the stars at night

She shows up for herself and others, even in a slump. “Even if I only write a sentence. If I wait for inspiration, it never comes. When I show up and write, it usually starts flowing after some time,” she is present for herself and it benefits others, but showing up can be exhausting. “Chamomile tea in my favorite mug or just sitting in nature listening to God,” is the wellness expert’s prescription for unplugging and de-stressing. As Lea continues to find joy in living in her truth, she gives us all permission to do the same. For a detailed blueprint and guidance through the journey of self-love through wellness, fulfillment, joy, check out on March 5.

I'd like to know the taste of honey in my life

IG: lealarae

*Spotify, Google & Apple Podcast, Breaker, Overcast, Pocket Casts & RadioPublic

**AfroSensual Episode 3: Self Love

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